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According to the myth, his name would come from "aves", the birds that Remo would have seen flying from this hill in the famous challenge with his bro...
Il più illustre dei sette colli, il Campidoglio, detto anche Monte Capitolino, si erge maestoso su piazza Venezia offrendo una vista impagabile specia...
Anciently it was not called Celio that’s the current name due to Celio Vibena, an ancient Etruscan leader who conquered the hill; at the beginning its...
"I found a brick’s town, I restored it to marble"
Suburra, the ancient name of Esquilino, a populous, animated neighborhood, crossroads of different cultures and full of taverns and shops, just like n...
"The warrior in times of peace fights himself"
Here, according to the legend, Romolo and Remo had been looked after by a she-wolf in a cave and right here the Eternal City had its birth by Romolo i...
Among the seven hills is the smallest, its name derives from "vimina", the vinchiums, bushes and willow groves that grew here. According to the myth, ...
9 records found
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